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How 5280 Red Rockin' Aussies became what it is today.

5280 Red Rockin’ Aussies is a small scale breeder located 5 miles north of Parker Colorado. Our Aussies are a part of our everyday life and a very important part of the family. We were very lucky to find and pick Charley out of a litter of amazing puppies. Charley has been a fantastic boy and has made a huge impact in our lives and has become our foundation dog.  Australian Shepherds are a very intelligent breed wanting to learn and please their owners every chance they get. Because of Charley we wanted to learn everything there is to know about Aussies. Our dogs are registered ASCA or AKC/ASCA dual registered and DNA tested. Australian Shepherds require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. It is best if they have a fenced yard, but are still a good size for an apartment as long as they receive daily exercise and training to keep them from destructive behavior or barking. (please see informational website suggestions under the links page) Our Aussies are pretty laid back and love to snuggle and be around their people. We do not use our Aussies as working dogs but they do have working dogs in their pedigrees. They are also related to dogs that are agility champions, titled dogs and much more. So their pups have a possibility of being just about anything you want them to be. They are fantastic running buddies and love hiking. 

Once we realized how intelligent, loyal, and hard working Aussies are we wanted to start a breeding program to produce what we think are the best dogs anyone could have. We did a lot of research to find well-bred sound minded Australian shepherds with great health history and pedigrees coming from long time experienced breeders to include in our breeding program.

Dennis and Cathy have over 18 years combined experience of breeding and caring for dogs. Dennis has over 10 years combined experience in breeding, grooming, and dog boarding, including overnight care. The entire family has a part in this journey. Cathy's son Taylor, owns our stud dog Teller and her other two son's have a big part in raising and training each of the dogs. There is rarely a time when someone isn't home with our Aussies or taking them some where on a journey.

Our goal is to produce versatile Australian Shepherds who are great looking, well rounded family dogs and companions as well as amazing working and agility dogs. All of our puppies are pre spoiled, being held and played with everyday along with basic training commands starting at 5 weeks of age.

We are very excited to share the experience of owning a Red Rockin' pup and the unconditional love and life long memories an Aussie gives to their families.

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Foxfield, CO, 80016 USA

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